How It Works

Creating perfect, unique gifts with Made and Sent is easy. In less than two minutes, you'll have designed a bespoke, loving gift set.

What you do

Scroll through our website and find the gift set that you would like to send. Don't worry, we've made it nice and easy for you. Just look at the Occasions section of the menu.

Then, we make it nice and easy to turn your chosen set into a beautiful unique gift. Just use the simple editor that appears when you press the personalise and add to cart button.

What we do

We will make your personalised gift set by hand. We mix the creams, oils and lotions; melt the wax to make the candles and place everything into their bottles and jars by hand.

While we're downstairs mixing, our fancy printer is working away upstairs to create your bespoke personalised labels. They will look as good as any product you could buy in the world's most exclusive stores.

Once your products are handmade and your labels are printed, we put it all together and send it in the post. All deliveries are sent tracked. We will send you the tracking details via text or email.

Together, we create

With your unique design and our skill with botany, we will create a gift that anybody will love to receive.