Hotel Amenities & In-Room Supplies

At Made & Sent, we supply beautiful and natural toiletries and amenities to the most stylish hotels. These are little pieces of luxury that emulate your guests’ experience to something really memorable.

Our hotel room amenities are available in a wide range of attractive designs that are sure to add a stylish touch to your bedrooms. Our entire collection is also able to be white labelled to your branding and logo, to add a really bespoke touch. We can create fully personalised enviable hotel room amenities that even the most well-behaved guest will want to snaffle away in their luggage.

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Hotel amenities and in-room supplies

Hand-bottled in small batches in our studio in the heart of Lincolnshire, we make use of the beautiful natural ingredients and plants that surround us. We use local produce wherever we can, reducing the carbon footprint of our products and helping to preserve the countryside. All of our formulations are gentle and perfect for sensitive skins - no artificial fragrances, synthetic ingredients or harsh chemicals. Just deliciously aromatic skincare and cleansers that are sure to delight and invigorate. We’ve chosen decadent fig & pomegranate to scent our shampoos, body lotions and washes, to create the most luxurious bathing experience.

Made and Sent’s Host Amenities Set provides your guests with everything they need to feel refreshed after a long day exploring. Hand-filled and packaged in handy 50ml bottles, they are the ultimate in luxury travel toiletries. And if you know that your guests are celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday or wedding you can personalise them with their name. Everything is made and sent on the same day for your convenience, so you can easily order bespoke guest amenities with very little notice.

For larger hotels, we offer generous bulk guest amenities packages, to ensure that you’re fully equipped for your busiest seasons. We will make everything quick and simple to reorder, offering express delivery where needed.